The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline has implications for society, the economy, and the planet.  This site explores these reverberations.  Click on post titles in the sidebar, or select a category that interests you in the menu at the very top of the site.

My increasing academic concern about Climate Destabilization was “radicalized” by a request from CREDO to pledge direct action & risk arrest to stop the Keystone XL pipeline if the Obama administration does not reject it. (This pledge has been picked up by other groups, and commitment is growing.) As a scientist, I am trying to be especially sensitive to facts. Some posts reflect my opinions but I feel some are factual and objective.  I hope that this blog will serve as an archive of comments and links I believe are especially useful, as well as a stimulus to dialog — so feel free to CommentLike, and Share!

Picture shows the Alberta tar sands, by Garth Lenz, from priceofoil.org

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